Ravenshire Hobby Podcast Episode 24 aka There’s no goin’ back…

Recorded on 1-17-17, Devin and Ben preview the Winter 2017 season, and try to figure out what's going on with the Otter. Be sure to check out our new video game let's play series on YouTube. We are starting off with Nier on the PS3. If you haven't seen this game before and want to catch up on the story before playing Nier: Automata on the PS4 this is a great way to do it! Also, remember to click our Amazon links such as the one for Nier: Automata to do your shopping with no extra charges to you and help us out a bit to cover our costs of doing this show! As always, go over to RavenshireHobby.com and check out our boxes, preorders, in stock items, and the new Mr. Hunter's Choice items!


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