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August 4th, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 11 aka The June Megaepisode

Ben has decided to fix The Audio Otter's mistake and has gone to find more Gundam models. This lead to a series of crazy weeks in June where Devin kept forgetting to upload the podcast. Anyways, this episode has several guest hosts that Devin found around the house. At one point the Otter hides long enough, Devin decides to read a fun Fan Fiction, just because, big thank you to Matsu-Onii for posting the work! This is an odd one, so be sure to listen and visit RavenshireHobby.com.

Visit OCRemix.org to find music from this podcast. Thank you to Neblix for the song "The Path of Heaven" (Street Fighter Remix), which can be found on the OCRemix album Apex 2016 I Got Next. Thank you to Stefan Ajax for the song ·AmIEvil· (Secret of Monkey Island Remix) which can be found at OCRemix.org. Thank you to the wonderful Alex Jones and Diggi Dis, for their Secret of Monkey Island remix ·Voodoo, Roots ·n Grog.· Go support these artists and the OCRemix group!


May 8th, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 10

On this episode of the Ravenshire Hobby podcast Devin and Ben talk about Onechanbara Z2 Chaos, Tropico 5, Nintendo NX Speculation, what we would like to see in strategy and tactics games, and Devin reminiscing about his graduation and injuries. Then the Audio Otter himself, Seth, joins to talk about the anime Super Lovers in the most confusing way possible. Ben discusses the short form anime Usakame and he relates to it on a mental level. Finally, the guys jump back to video games to talk about the upcoming Battlefield game and a bit about Persona 5.

Thank you to Darkmoocher and timaeus222 for their track Become Death from the Badass Boss Themes III album. This excellent Vectorman remix, along with many others, can be found at OCRemix.org.

Also, the Audio Otter wants to thank halc for the song Photosynthesis from the OCRemix project Eevee EP for his song this week.


April 29th, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 9

More from the backlog, some things have changed, but the voices remain the same. Anyways, enjoy!

Big thank you to zircon for this week's opening and ending song is Vessel of the Void ~Theme of Exdeath~ find this song and many more on the Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors Wind album from OCRemix. 
Also, thank you to David L. Puga for this week's Audio Otter song Egg-Shaped Prison. Find this song with many more on the OCRemix album project Badass Boss Themes II.


April 15th, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 8

It was recorded, I swear! Anyways, enjoy this episode of the Ravenshire Hobby podcast. An electoral college comprised of fainting goats? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles discussion? An Audio Otter showing up late? Anything goes this week, and it gets crazy-ish. No angry rants this week, I promise.
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April 8th, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 7

The guys review some of the new episodes of their current anime list. The second half is an economics rant based on an anime being unclear about the pricing context. If you choose to listen to the second half, you have been warned. Oh, and the Audio Otter is back, take that for what you will. Visit RavenshireHobby.com to get some great anime goods. Use SPRINGCLEANING at checkout to get 20% off all in-stock figures.

Thank you to Mak Eightman for the Teddy Bear - Hunger track based on the Splatterhouse 3 track, used as the opening and closing song. Also, Thank you to DarkeSword for the Otter's song, See You Next Time ~WATER~ from The Fabled Warriors: Vol 2 album made up of songs inspired by Final Fantasy V. Both of these great songs, and many more, can be found at OCRemix.org


April 1st, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 6

We got the otter out of the system. So, hopefully this one is better than the last. Enjoy, and go check out RavenshireHobby.com for great products and more!

Thank you to RoeTaKa for the remix of Vergil - The Curse of Yamato and The Joker for the remix of King Dedede - The Last Dance. Find both of these songs and more on the BadAss: Boss Themes album from OCRemix.org or click this link. Please check out and support their work!


March 28th, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 5

We apologize in advance for the audio issues. The otter may be gone, but his presence still exists in the form of audio issues. Anyways, we hope you enjoy the content of this episode.


March 24th, 2016    

Ravenshire Weekly-ish Podcast Episode 4

Devin and Ben attempt to do a podcast at 2:00 AM. Topics include: Ravenshire monthly box poll updates, Yoshi's Wooly World, 2D platformers, some SXSW talk, Myriad of Colors: Phantom World psychological analysis, Ben's new pet peeve with changing names of anime, the finale of Konosuba, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, the Playstation VR, and much more. Let us know your opinion in the comments below and go to RavenshireHobby.com to find out more.

Thank you to Scaredism for The Sound of Speed which may be found with many other great video game remixes at OCRemix.org


March 5th, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 3

Myriad of Colors: Phantom World episode talks, Ravenshire Hobby box update, 3D printing derailments, talk about March's poll on RavenshireHobby.com, convention updates, door opening dogs, Dog Scissors, Playstation TV news, a conversation about the future of E3, Netflix's future anime releases, and a discussion on indie game classifications are all topics discussed this time. Be sure to check out RavenshireHobby.com for new anime and gaming products. Be sure to check us out at Mini Mini Con on May 14 in San Antonio, TX. Find out more at MiniMiniCon.com.

Have questions? Send us a message at sales@ravenshirehobby.com or on Facebook.com/RavenshireHobby or leave us a comment on our podcast page.

Thank you to Deuxvolt for their song Blackheart from Union of Opposites. Download their album for free here through Reverbnation.


February 26th, 2016    

Ravenshire Hobby Weekly-ish Episode 2

Poor Seth... Listen to the beginning of the episode and you will either feel very bad for him or laugh. The guys talk about the first three episodes of Myriad of Colors: Phantom World and their opinions of underlying psychological allegories for each of the episodes. Other topics are about Konosuba, Ojisan and Marshmallow, successful puns, Street Fighter V, a subsequent Street Fighter V rant, the meaning of Muscle Spirit, XCom 2 vs sleep, Project X Zone 2, why Segata Sanshiro was the key to the Sega Saturn's success in Japan, Pokemon Sun and Moon, 'super natural' occurrences in video games, and failed catchphrases. So much fun, we apologize at the end! Also, go check out RavenshireHobby.com to see all the newly added items and go vote on the theme you want to see for next month's box!

Big thanks to K-wix for the song "The Fading Children" from the Heart of a Gamer: A Tribute to Satoru Iwata. You can find that remix along with many other great songs over at OCRemix.org.


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